The Mirror

"No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money." Matthew 6 v24

One of the things I do is research on emotions and feelings, perhaps it’s to better understand where we are as humans but most times it is to understand how we are “being”. The book says you can’t love two people, thing, or objects, that eventually you are going to develop a hatred towards one versus the other. That’s the biblical conception so remember during the times this example was taken, it was to address the of love of money or material things.

Take for example a mirror! One of the reasons to understand a mirror is to acknowledge one day it will love one side of you, and other days it may not… [the mirror has two faces] when you stare into a mirror it shows you who you are. That’s important because at times we have out of body experiences such as making the decisions of multi layers and complex emotions (that quick reaction) let's say in the mirror we love the way our hair looks today, wake up the next morning and it’s a change in our previous emotion. That Mohawk just won't cut it for your big board meeting with the new CEO.

A Swiss mathematician Daniel Bernoulli came up with a formula of how most of us make our decisions. We weight the “odds” of us gaining what we are deciding on, versus the “value” of what we are deciding. For example, when people decide to cheat they think what are my chances of succeeding without getting caught, and is it worth it. (For the most part we know how it turns out). Great investment but short return, causes the divorce to cost more.

Now this may seem too simplified, bear with me and you’ll see what I mean. Imagine for instance you’re driving at night and you’re the only car on that road, the light turns red. The decision to go or stay is based on who’s around and what are your chances of not being spotted. Taking the risk is based on the end result not the probability. Until you get the traffic ticket in the mail because of the hidden cameras the city installed on each large intersection traffic light.

All that glitter is not gold, that’s one of sayings of the olden days, the grass is never as green as we thought it was when we were on the other side. Jesus ask Peter to come and walk on water with him… they call that taking a leap of faith. Having evaluated it’s worth, you should consider is it the best decision though? Are you going for less or more than what you had where you were? Are you deciding on a momentary emotion? These probably won’t be answered until you find yourself years down the line staring at that mirror. Peter believed he could walk on water like Jesus without hesitation, but the reality of actually being off the safe havens of the boat and on the actual ocean sank in and well so did Peter. The same question of Gain vs Value... how will you know? … You won't.


Dan Gilbert “why we make bad decisions”