Scroll, scroll, double tap, Like...

A good majority of us live this new normal. We are calling it the time spent on social media. Scrolling on instagram or liking on facebook and i need not mention the amount of tweets. [I have tested this theory myself - (statistic)]
I'm only going to check facebook for 5 minutes” and 5 hours later (or more) you ask yourself what was i just doing on there?. Social media is the kind of drugs that doesn’t get dealt by one particular dealer but rather a community of dealers. We are all contributors to the drug of social media. We are either the providers of the drug (posting pictures, videos, status updates, tweets) or we are consumers of the illicit drug.

Hear me out, I'm not saying that social media doesn't have any benefits or that it’s bad, au contraire I believe it’s a global connector. In the olden days people use to sit around and wait for the local news to tell you the happenings (if you watched that) or wait for the morning paper. We as a society/humans are the animals that think of the future, but while we do think in the future we are also by default abusers of resources. Prime example we get so caught up in the status updates, tweets and picture posting that we don’t send communications that are of value to each other any more. My point is we should think of what the world of social media was meant for and what we are using it for?

Like all things that we humans come in contact with we don’t master it we use it, it runs out, and we move on. As much time as we spend scrolling, be it on a mobile device or on a computer, it appears we have lost our sense of the simple life. Do you recall how slow AOL use to be (56kb modem noise…) and how the chat rooms use to be a battle of catching what the person who responded to you said while a million other chats were happening. Now you have DM (Direct Message) Chat (the worst thing to happen to fb) and all the other quick fixes.

“Time is on my side, yes it is” Rolling Stones. As much as I enjoy that song I came to the conclusion it isn't really on my side. I watch a daily routine become a habit which became an addiction to which i can atest no I did not see that coming!
Our society has so much distraction that the average sleep cycle is between 4 to 6 hours at night and if any one gets more than that, they live somewhere with no electricity or technology.  From reality television, gossips, to all types of celebrity watch shows. Your time is consumed with stuff that are so distracting when it’s all done you ask yourself what have you accomplished?

This too shall pass like most things, and I propose that we take time out from the virtual world and start acknowledging the world around us. Take time out in the day to just take in the elements, listen to the sounds of your city. What I'm saying is that I see over the horizon the coming  of less interpersonal interactions and more texting, whatsapping, and... well we are already at the DM stages. I just hope someone would walk up to me and start a conversation because God knows I'm battling this addiction with technology I'm not sure if I'll be able to walk away.