The Left Handed trust

Left-handedness is less common than right-handedness. Left-handed people are more skillful with their left hands when performing tasks. Studies suggest that approximately 10% of the world population is left-handed. Mixed-handedness is the change of hand preference between tasks.

Handedness -

Some people may be aware of this and some may not. Growing up in a Catholic Caribbean island, there are some things that you are subjected to, that later in life you have to ask… what were they thinking?

When I was a young boy I used to write with my left hand, and naturally my parents back then in keeping with antique catholic belief felt that it was mischievous for a child to be a lefty so my teachers armed with a 12" ruler would enforce such tradition by sternly tapping on my left knuckles to force me using my right hand. Fast forward to the present. I am now a right-handed adult that writes like a doctor (chicken scratch).

There’s a Seinfeld bit about how much trust does one have in the left hand, I mean you use it every day while you have access to your right hand but if you didn't and had to perform some very essential task such as using the bathroom…. would you trust the left hand to do a good job? A lot of us either have trust issues or the left hand is dubious.

It was the tail end of a long 4th of July weekend and yours truly had just moved from the third-floor apartment building to of course the third-floor of another building (like an old brick building ...don't judge me please). A common practice after you move to a new place is to wash your dishes, pots and pans and such before storing them. While washing a wine glass, it shattered and a very large chunk cut my right hand, to the point of requiring a 3-hour visit to the E.R along with multiple stitches. I now had to come full circle with my childhood trauma.

Usage of the left hand had been the most frustrating time I ever had to explain to my brain. imagine tying shoelaces your entire life with the right hand leading the way, to abruptly take a sharp turn at doing it all with the left hand? Indeed, it was a daunting experience. I spent the next few weeks contemplating from the proper approach to showering to yes you guessed it, all the nature’s requirements. There was also the work factor. I work with computers, typing with one finger is NOT efficient, I was just scattered all over the place. The lesson of my tragic experience is that: a) I should always wear plastic gloves while washing dishes, b) Invest in a dishwasher or c) just don’t do the dishes anymore.  

Trust is a big factor in life and only when you must stop your daily routine to put into account your impediments and wonder if you truly know if you can trust others. I learned a valuable lesson from being without my primary hand I force myself to use my left as much as possible in my present life for situations beyond my control that may happen. I use to think that lefties were overhyped and braggers. I still do, but I respect that more now than ever before.