A Summer's tale

As i often do towards the end of summer i reminisce of the times and how the season went by too fast, often time  also reminisce on our times..time is for the most part an integral part of all of us but we don’t acknowledge the times we squander while a float on a raft down the stream.

A lot of us waste time in relationships that bear no fruit, relationships that we"hope" will pan out, we hope that one day to look back and sing we made it through the storm, but that's a Lie we tell ourselves to become complacent to stick to the script, be it for society sake or because we don't want to start over, whatever the cases we give too much to walk away with nothing. In the middle of an island oasis is a fig tree, the surrounding might be fantasy life but the fact still remains that it will bear no fruits... A lady i use to work said “a relationships is like a public bathroom-- either you gonna use it or get out the way” (PG version)

"neither one of us wants to be the first to say goodbye" Gladys Knight.
That song is great but it speaks the reality of unfounded happiness. It's not working we have to let it go. As much as I try to give the benefit of the doubt, I friend zone every female I encounter, not because I have an icebox where my heart use to be (I probably should move that thing) but because I'm tired of the game of throne. You don't survive in this game, you either win or you die. In relationships no matter how much less you put into it, some remnants of emotions will linger, and when it does the complexive nature of memory is the path of solitude, in other words it stings a bit.

We'll always have Paris, but Paris was a moment in time, a lapse in how things could be but as much as we we dream of happier days. I remember the Germans marched in and you wore grey (Casablanca). In good times the best times are only remembered in bits of pieces of how we were so great together. In reality why do we waste time being unhappy when we could've moved forward.. forward, there's a thought. The idea that we are seasonal should imply that you're not leaving but the season has come to its end and we bid adieu.

Those Endless summer nights...