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The Looking Glass

looking glass

 And so it goes! You live, and you learn. The journey is to teach you that perhaps there are alternatives but live this moment and own it. It’s not easy to accept the present when you’re still fighting the past. Grow through it. That’s the only way you’ll get through it. The looking glass has no prejudice; all reflections are of the self. Learn to let go and live. That’s how you get ahead. I say all this to say this! It’s all bull shit, who am I kidding I’m as messed up as anyone looking in the mirror. The reality we each chose to live in modern-day often reflects the society we’re functioning in. Take, for example, the number of people living with depressions. I mean, I never thought I dealt with depression until I started paying attention to the patterns of life. Every year near this time where my birthday is days away, I go through the same sentiments. Be it a feeling of loneliness even when I’m well accompanied, or a sense of underachieving event though I’ve successfully mastered my craft. We are all living with some form of depression, and if we paid close enough attention, we would notice.

I often return to the scene of the crime. The first thing I wrote, I felt Biggie or Hov was inspiring me,
just went off in my head. It was all good just a week ago on repeat cause you’re nobody till somebody well... till you’re gone. I hoped that writing again would bring me joy; maybe she’d see that I’ve evolved, and the words would resonate. But a last I’m in the Rubik cube perhaps this puzzle is unsolvable. Back to my Beyonc√©! Another year and we’ve survived 2020, ain’t shit grand? If you’re reading this know that I laid in bed one Friday night hurting on the inside over shit, my ego won’t let go, but like Megan, the stallion I look pretty though!

For things to change for you. You have to change it. You have to view life in a different mindset, a perspective of positive vibrations. Until you realize it all starts with your first approach, you won’t be able to make the changes necessary. Look in the mirror daily and speak to yourself, say we are going to change together. All it takes is the first step. The next is your goals, set them small or big. Confirm with them often as possible. And always remain positive. Pay that positive forward, that means share positive with others. That is the secret to all success.

Happy Birthday Mr. Riviere, may the good Lord continue to shine his blessings on your path and may your journey be fruitful.

Peace brother.

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